Through passion for the arts, determination to bring our local community together, and fostering hope and collaboration with other communities, the Classic City Chalk Fest raises awareness of the benefits of all art forums as well as the need to empower our community members to unite through the expression of art. Through this idea, Athens Area Arts Council and Colors of Connection are joining together to bring this message to fruition.

About AAAC: Founded in 1996 to help distribute funds for public art, the Athens Area Arts Council went on to build creative bus shelters across Athens. Today, AAAC works to promote the arts in Athens, serving as a connector to the community for artists, arts appreciators and arts opportunities. The organization’s mission is simple: Connecting arts to the community through promotion, education, and funding.

Colors of Connection: Established in 2010, Colors of Connection is the vision of two women, Laurie Reyman, a UGA graduate, and Christina Mallie, who dreamed of creating an organization to facilitate working with youth through the creation of public art to enable connections between people and communities. Our mission is to nurture hope, cultivate well-being, and promote development in disadvantaged youth and societies worldwide through community-based art and through advocacy for art in education. Colors of Connection proudly works in partnership with the UGA Institute for Non-Profit Organizations. For more information visit:

With its thriving arts scene, residents of Athens are familiar with the power of art in many forms. And while there are dozens of organizations throughout Athens that support the arts and our community that serve different populations, the overall goal is the same: To make our communities stronger, better educated, and healthier through the use of art. This message was instilled in one of the founders of Colors of Connection, Laurie Reyman who then collaborated with Christina Mallie to bring this same message to communities of West Africa. While Colors of Connection’s impact is on communities abroad and AAAC works in the Athens area, both organizations have come together to create the Classic City Chalk Fest with the same community-building goals in mind.

Our mission as a collective is simple: To include, empower, acknowledge, and educate all of our community members through celebrating their value and contributions locally and internationally through art.