Tips and tricks

First time drawing art on the sidewalk? Don’t worry, here are some tips from the pros. First, to help reproduce a piece of artwork, you have one of two options:

1. Scale to Size (for example, 1 inch = 1 foot)
Graph out a photo/print or your original on tracing paper and reproduce to scale. Perforate the outlined areas of the enlarged drawing with a pounce wheel or fork, until you have outlined the entire image with puncture marks.

2. Project Scaled Image on Wall
Project a slide of the work to be reproduced to scale as large as desired street painting, onto a wall or screen. Tape the craft or tracing paper to that wall or screen and outline the projected image on the paper.

Remove the paper from the wall/screen and lay on a carpeted surface. Perforate the outlined areas with a pounce wheel or fork until you have again outlined the drawing with puncture marks.

Once you arrive at the festival, you can use either template by duct taping it to your square and outlining it with chalk. This will give you an outline of your drawing, and a starting point. Roll up the template and keep it to the side in case something gets smudged or erased.

Use a piece of flat corrugated cardboard to scoot around on while working on your painting, to help keep you and your work cleaner. Surgical gloves are great to use while drawing, and small pieces of foam or cloth are great to use for blending your pastels and softening your drawing techniques.

A little chalk goes a long way. When you check in, you will be given ONE box of chalk per street painting space. Most first-time street painters are amazed at how little chalk they actually use to complete a drawing so large. If you need additional chalk or certain colors of chalk, you can either share with your street painting neighbor or come to the check-in table for more chalk.

Always remember to return any chalk that you are not using to the check-in table.

for more tips, visit our page on The Rules.